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The 2015 Astros FanFest: A photo essay

Edward S. Garza took his camera to the 2015 Astros FanFest, with mostly unpixelated success.

Fans fill the seats at "The Future" portion of the FanFest's Fan Forums, featuring a Q&A with top prospects.
Fans fill the seats at "The Future" portion of the FanFest's Fan Forums, featuring a Q&A with top prospects.
Edward S. Garza

The 2015 Astros FanFest was a resounding success, welcoming about 6,000 people. On January 24 visitors enjoyed various ways of feeding their fandom, from on-field activities to the star-studded Fan Forums.

As a hardcore fan/writer fortunate enough to have attended the Fest, I snapped the following nine photos (hey, what a baseball coincidence) while there. Here they are with captions. Enjoy.


MMP 1 - FF 2015 - Garza

Minute Maid Park takes in the day's brilliant sun.

Autograph Line - FF 2015 - Garza

Fans line up for player autographs.

Cows - FF 2015 - Garza

A small herd of Chick-Fil-A cows enjoys the festivities on the concourse.

MMP 2 - FF 2015 - Garza

The view from the Crawfish Crawford Boxes.

Hinch and Luhnow - FF 2015 - Garza

New manager A.J. Hinch (left) and general manager Jeff Luhnow answer audience questions at the Fan Forums.

Altuve, Keuchel, and Brown - FF 2015 - Garza

Jose Altuve (left), Dallas Keuchel (center), and Keuchel's beard (center, foreground) enjoy a conversation with longtime Astros TV broadcaster Bill Brown.

Prospects and Sparks - FF 2015 - Garza

Carlos Correa (far left) responds to a question from Astros radio commentator Steve Sparks (far right). Prospects Colin Moran (second to left), Mark Appel (center), and Preston Tucker (second to right) listen on.

Biggio - FF 2015 - Garza

Hall of Famer Craig Biggio answers audience questions, one of which was, "Who was your craziest teammate?" "Jose Lima," he said.

Houston SABR Guys - FF 2015 - Garza

Writer Joe Thompson (left) and Vice Chair Michael McCroskey promote the Houston/Larry Dierker Chapter of the Society of American Baseball Research (SABR), accepting membership applications and selling copies of Houston Baseball: The Early Years 1861-1961, for which Thompson co-wrote a chapter. The book can be purchased at You can also join the Houston/Larry Dierker Chapter of SABR at, where you get to hear Dierker's familiar voice.