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Astros rumors: Ryan Vogelsong not going to sign with Houston

The Giants made a push to re-sign him, and that may have priced the Astros out of a deal.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

So long, Ryan Vogelsong. We hardly knew ye.

All week, rumors of the free-agent right-hander and the Astros have swirled. Vogelsong was apparently in Houston on Monday for a physical. Negotiations appear to have gone on both Monday and Tuesday, but Vogelsong eventually left Houston without a deal.

Now, it seems that his former team, the Giants, has made a push to re-sign the hurler, likely pricing the Astros out of his market.

While this isn't surprising, we can probably guess what caused the rift.

The Astros want Vogelsong to probably be a swingman, in the mold of so many other pitchers in the past couple of seasons. Vogelsong probably thinks (deservedly) that he can still be a viable starter and doesn't need the uncertainty of Houston's long relief spot.

When his former team came calling, he certainly would jump at the chance to go back there.

Onward and upward, Astros. Find another long reliever from this pile of discarded arms. Hey, look at the deal on that James Shields. That's quite the markdown. Huh? Huh?