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Colby Rasmus signs one-year, $8 million contract with Astros

It appears the deal that started on TCB has been completed.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

We here at TCB won't take full credit for today's great Colby Rasmus whirlwind.

We'll just take a small piece.

After we posted a social media conversation between one of our new writers, TRosser92, and someone who saw Colby Rasmus at a hotel across from Minute Maid Park, things got set in motion.

National writers picked up the rumor and fleshed it out. Local guys reported that Rasmus was in town to take a physical. The Chronicle confirmed those reports.

Now, Jon Heyman is reporting the deal is done, that the Astros and Rasmus have agreed to a one-year deal.

Jon Morosi with the financial terms of the deal.

Astros officially announce the transaction.

We wrote Monday that the Astros could have about $8 million left in the budget for 2015, so that seems to be a good range. It gives Houston about $4 to $5 million with which to sign Vogelsong and complete this roster (barring a late trade from the catching depth).

Also, don't expect any official announcement by the club any time soon. If the Astros are indeed negotiating with Ryan Vogelsong, they may prefer to make their roster moves in one fell swoop, taking two pieces off the 40-man roster.

What do you think? Will Rasmus help the Astros in 2015? Where will he play? What moves are left for this team?