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Astros rumors: A VERY sketchy report linking Colby Rasmus to Houston

Could something be brewing under the radar? A tipster brings us some info.

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

One of TCB's newest writers may have his first scoop. Do we have our own version of Chris Cotillo?

Check out this exchange from TRosser92's Twitter feed: 

Rasmus Speculation


What would Colby Rasmus be doing in Houston?

He's a free agent.

He has ties to Luhnow.

He's not from Texas or the Houston area in any way.

The Astros just traded away one outfielder and have somewhat of a hole in right field currently. Seriously, check out the FanGraphs depth chart for Houston. Mostly decent projections for every position except right field, where it's a pretty sad state.

The Astros all of a sudden have extra money.

We know there are more moves coming.


No, probably not. None of the usual suspects are on this yet. Until Mark Berman tracks Rasmus down and gets an exclusive, I won't believe it.

What's that, you say? Colby Rasmus doesn't make sense in this outfield?

Well, think about this. If the Astros sign Rasmus to a one-year, make-good deal, they could play him in right. He's not as good a fielder as Jake Marisnick, but he's probably a better hitter. So, Houston gains something to the 2015 roster while giving Marisnick a chance to go to Triple-A or be a fourth outfielder.

If Rasmus doesn't pull it together, the Astros have a replacement ready to go. If he does, they've got at least a .500 team.

I'm just sayin'. You heard it first from TCB, off the record, on the QT, and very hush-hush.


CBS Sports' Jon Heyman reports the Astros have signed Colby Rasmus.