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Astros rumors: Ryan Vogelsong deal could be wrapped up Tuesday

The Astros appear on the verge of adding the free agent starter.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Astros could be adding another pitcher as soon as Tuesday, according to multiple reports this morning. As Brian wrote yesterday, the Astros have been in talks with free agent pitcher Ryan Vogelsong.

The right-hander was in Houston yesterday and may have been undergoing medical tests before the deal is done. Negotiations appear to have slowed, however.

But, as of this morning, things may pick up.

Why do the Astros need Vogelsong? For one, Houston needs innings. New addition Dan Straily topped out at 150 innings in the past two years. Collin McHugh barely threw more than that and that was a his highest total in pro ball. Dallas Keuchel got to 200 innings last season and probably gets there again. Brett Oberholtzer has thrown for 170 innings (or thereabouts) in two of the past three years.

Oh, and Scott Feldman has topped 180 innings in each of the past two seasons, but hasn't gotten to 200 innings in his career. In the past five seasons, Houston starters have averaged 946 innings a season. If Feldman gets 180, Keuchel gets 200, Obie and McHugh get 180 and Straily gets 150, the Astros are almost to 900 innings right there.

But, does anyone feel comfortable planning on all those things happening? On Houston only needing five starting pitchers? At some point, Brad Peacock could play a prominent role in the starting rotation and soak up innings.

But, adding a guy like Vogelsong to be an insurance policy, just like Edgar Gonzalez, Eric Bedard and Jerome Williams provided before him, is just a smart move. Two of those three didn't work out well. Maybe Vogelsong will be more like Bedard than Williams.

Clack also brought up in the TCB staff email chain that the Astros are clearly building for the playoffs, as Vogelsong but gains velocity late in the season and dramatically drops his ERA. So, you know, mark it down. The Astros are this year's Royals.

But, we also see why things may be breaking down. After starting for the past four seasons in San Francisco (and winning a couple World Series titles), you can imagine why Vogelsong would be reluctant to accept something short of a guaranteed rotation spot.

If he gets on board, though, he should be a fantastic addition. His peripherals are solid and his performance has been pretty good, too. It may not be exciting, but adding Vogelsong makes the Astros a better team in 2015.

Let's see if they do it.