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Houston Astros and Chicago Cubs working on a Dexter Fowler trade

Looks like Dexter Fowler is on the way to the Chicago Cubs

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Well a happy Monday morning to everyone. Here is your latest Houston Astros rumor:

Not exactly surprising that we're hearing rumors about Dexter Fowler being moved. With the Astros acquiring Evan Gattis for a trio of prospects from the Atlanta Braves, the Astros have a bit of a crunch in the outfield. You would expect that the Astros would want a major lea...

Well there ya go. Coincidentally, one of our writers mentioned that a friend told him he though he saw Fowler on a plan to California and wondered if he was being traded somewhere out west. The Midwest is close enough.

And here's Susan Slusser

And there it is. Woo! I'm spent.