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Evan Gattis trade: See the newest Astro in his new uniform

El Oso Blanco in Astros' blue and orange.

I have to admit it my favorite part of the offseason or the trade deadline is when the Astros get a new player. Sure it's not fun to loose a prospect or a fan favorite, but I enjoy the challenge of putting a new player in an Astros uniform. Today was no different with new outfielder/catcher Evan Gattis.

He looks pretty sharp in orange in my opinion. Taking the suggestion of @Crweems11 on twitter to use the 1964 Topps design. If you have anymore card design recommendations or have a request, shoot me a tweet @d_more55.

Gattis' nickname is "El Oso Blanco", a moniker he earned in the Venezuelan Winter League. Of course we need some new Astro related El Oso Blanco content.

Maybe a picture of the white bear in the wild?

Gattis has been an Astro for less than a week and I'm already fun. Can't wait until the season start.