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Where Do The Astros Go From Here?

The Astros have accumulated a surplus of catchers, what does Jeff Luhnow do next?

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

What will the Astros do next?

After seeing this tweet, I know everyone on this site is thinking "Well we have to trade a catcher now!" Since we currently have 4.5 catchers on the 40-man, (Gattis only counts for 1/2 a catcher) I would expect one to be moved. If the Astros do ship out a catcher, what could their return be and who else could be sent out of the organization? At the major league level, the Astros seem set at:

1B: Gattis, Carter, Singleton

2B: Altuve

SS: Lowrie, Gonzalez, Correa eventually

3B: Dominguez, Moran soon, Gattis will not play 3B.

C: Castro, Conger, Gattis, Corporan, Stassi

RP: Neshek, Gregerson, Sipp, Qualls, Fields, Chapman, Deduno, Harris, Folty

OF: Springer, Fowler, Grossman, Marisnick, Gattis, Presley

The most obvious hole in the Astros roster is still at SP. I'm a big fan of Houston's top four pitchers (Keuchel, McHugh, Feldman, and Oberholtzer). Ideally the Astros would add a proven "ace" such as Cole Hamels, David Price, or Max Scherzer, but even a solid No. 2 or No. 3 pitcher would be a huge boost to your starting rotation.

Guys such as James Shields, Doug Fister, or maybe Mike Leake? Would you rather see the Astros take a chance on a guy such as Brandon Beachy who has been very good when healthy, but hasn't been healthy very often.

What would it take to get a Hamels or Price in a trade? If I was the Astros, I would be willing to send Singleton, Santana, and Castro for Price, assuming I knew he was going to sign a long term contract.

For Hamels, a package centered around one of Singleton/Santana, Castro, and a decent pitching prospect would get it done for me. For Doug Fister maybe a trade centered around Castro, Neshek/Gregerson, and a pitching prospect would get it done.

Let us know what you would like to see the Astros do in the poll below.