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2014 Astros against American League West

On Wednesday, the Astros played their final game in the American League West this season. Now its time to recap.

Hannah Foslien

The Astros' move the American League West was greeted with displeasure and misery from loyal fans of the National League - fifty years of baseball thrown aside so quickly for convenience . Houston isn't moving back to the senior circuit any time soon, so it's time to make the most of it. Lets take a look at the Astros performance in the AL West over the last two seasons.

In 2013, the Astros had an overall record of 25-51 in the AL West last season. The Athletics and Rangers owned the Astros with a 4-15 and 2-17 records respectfully. The Rangers outscored the Astros 126 to 69, and the Athletics did too 108 to 60. Houston played the Mariners and Angels much closer, 9-10 and 10-9. The Astros outscored the Angels 77 to 72, and the Mariner 91 to 81. Finally, the Astors were 7-18 in series victories against teams in division.

In 2014, the Astros were 35-41 in the AL West - a ten-game improvement. The Angels rose to the top of the division, as a result thumped the Astros along the way - Houston finished with a 7-12 record against the other team from Los Angeles. The Angels outscored the astros 103 to 71. Oakland was the bain of Chad Qualls existence, and if not for that the Astros final record against the A's could have been better then 8-11. The A's outscored the Astros 108 to 76. The Astros once again finished with a 9-10 record against the Mariners, but this time the Mariners outscored the Astros 93 to 89. The Astros currently hold the Silver Boot Trophy as a result of their 11-8 record against the Rangers, and to top it off the runs allowed to the Rangers drop by 57 runs to 69. The Astros outscored the Rangers 81 to 69. Houston was 11-11-2 in series victories against the division.

A step in the right direction, a step closer to .500, and a closer to a division crown for the Astros.