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Astros manager search: Add Tim Wallach's name to the ever-growing list

One more log on the suddenly roaring hot stove.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Can we take a vote or something and move onto the next phase of this Astros manager search? Because I'm already tired of these unsubstantiated rumors.

The latest of these comes from Buster Olney. Here's his tweet. Pay close attention to his phrasing:

Prepare yourself for reading way too much into 140 characters. Notice, though, that Olney doesn't say that Wallach is a candidate. He doesn't say Wallach has an interview lined up. He just says that Wallach's name has been discussed.

That leaves so much room for interpretation. I can discuss being a contestant on Top Chef, even if I have no chance. How long was the discussion? Was it a "serious" discussion or a casual one? What was the body language like in the discussion? Did anyone "yada-yada-yada" through his qualifications? We need to know these things.

More importantly, who's doing the discussing? Did Tim Wallach's agent call up Luhnow to pitch his guy to the Astros? Did Sig Mejdal's local breakfast taco vendor talk about his deep, abiding love for Montreal Expo Tim Wallach and suggest Mejdal hire him as the next Astros skipper? In that case, Olney's information is true, while revealing nothing about Houston's plans.

That's my big point here. This tweet seems like it's giving us information, a name to add to the other grist in the mill. Yet, it's no more enlightening than the people who threw out A.J. Hinch or Mike Maddux last week.

Basically, Olney can't be wrong with this info. Unless the Astros specifically say, "No, we never considered Tim Wallach, nor had any discussions about him," Olney looks fine. The Astros won't do that, because they don't want to hurt anyone's reputation in the business unecessarily. So, Olney essentially "broke" information that he can't be held accountable for, because it's so vague.

That's why I want more solid info on this search. I want to know who actual finalists are for the job, who's getting interviews. Until then, I'll slog through the next interview that Mike Scioscia gives where he pumps up his guys for the position and we have to act like there's substance to the new rumors.

DISCLAIMER: Because of my severe lack of interest, Tim Wallace will be named the new manager sometime this afternoon, just so Luhnow can prove me wrong. You're welcome, Astros fans.