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AMP Mailbag: Promos and Buh Byes

Subber10 digs out a pair of minor league questions....the last one might surprise you...

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AMP is back, ALRIGHT!

We have two questions today and both came from the live podcast thread.

Exile in St. Louis

which member of the 2009 class gets released first: Meyer or Nash? Everybody would have picked Nash in April, but what a difference four months make.

I don't really like talking about this kind of thing as it discusses poorly paid players losing their jobs and their dreams of being a major league baseball player. So, I'm going to tiptoe around it a bit and discuss each of their values.

Telvin Nash: Nash is doing a lot of what he's done in the past. When he's healthy he's hitting home runs and hitting for a low average. I will say this, his average didn't drop as much as I expected going from Lancaster to Corpus Christi, .246 to .228.  However, his poor strikeout rate went north from 34.6% to 37.7%.

The power is real though. It is REAL! Power like his is hard to come by. Very hard. You don't give up on it until you just cannot find a way to get it at-bats. The window is closing.

My biggest concern on the season for him, and the reason I will not say his value has gone up, is that his walk rate has dropped. It's gone down 5% and that is a big concern for me.

Jonathan Meyer: After producing a season last year that gave way to some hope, Meyer has had an atrocious season. Sub .600 OPS won't help the defensive wizard make much of a case. However, his strikeout rate is lower and his walk rate is about the same. The difference is a plummeting batting average and a huge decline in power.

The culprit is an increasing ground ball rate. He had a 50% GB% in Oklahoma City and now has 42% GB% in CC. That doesn't work for a hitter who lacks has average speed. It has done significant damage to his BABIP and thus a terrible batting average.

For that, his value has dropped. Maybe a trip to MMP for some work John Mallee? Or would MMP get burned to the ground for that?


Destroying Low A. Can he get the call up to Lancaster already?