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Fearless Predictions for the Astros in August

How did I do in July? What's on deck for August?

July was not kind to the Astros nor to my predictions for the month. This was easily the worst I've done at trying to prognosticate the season. But, I can promise you that August's predictions at the end of this post will be much, much better. I just know they will be.

If they're not, Nostra-Ryan is officially taking over this feature for September.

Anways, let's see just how badly I screwed up this month.

1. Dallas Keuchel finishes third in the Final Vote contest.

2. Jose Altuve reaches 45 steals by the end of the month.

3. Altuve also gets to 165 hits by the end of the month.

5. Houston will go 7-12 for the rest of the month, failing to win 10 games in a month for the first time this season.

6. Jarred Cosart will pass Collin McHugh for second-most WAR on the staff.

8. George Springer gets to 25 home runs.

9. Jon Singleton is sent down to Triple-A.

Worst month for predictions yet. The Altuve things were more wishcasting. He had a great month of July, but he still didn't quite get to 165 hits and fell short of 45 steals. He's superhuman, but he's not Superman.

Missed the predicted record by one game for the second straight month and the third time this season. Important note: even if my predicted records had come true, Houston would still have a better record than the Rangers right now. I'll take half-credit for predicting the Astros would fail to get to 10 wins in a month. I need all the half-credits I can get.

Not only did Cosart not pass McHugh in WAR, he got traded. On top of that, Bret Oberholtzer actually passed him. Fourth-most WAR on the team, and we're upset he was traded? Even if WAR doesn't measure pitchers the same way it does hitters, that still means something.

As for the last two...well, Singleton probably could have benefitted from a trip to Triple-A while Springer only got stopped by that injury. Otherwise, he would have crushed five more dingers easily.

Oh well. What did I get right?

4. Dexter Fowler misses more time than we expected.

7. Seven different players will start games on the mound for the Astros this month.

Not happy about the Fowler prediction. Not happy at all. We need him back and pronto.

As for the starting pitcher numbers? Nailed it exactly. Might be my best random prediction of the season.

So, let's see what predictions I can screw up this month.

1. The Astros will go 15-14 this month, equaling their May win total and winning more games by September than they had by the end of any of the last three seasons.

2. George Springer comes back healthy and takes the HR lead away from Trogdor.

3. Chris Carter hits four home runs this month.

4. Houston will score 130 runs this month.

5. Dallas Keuchel will win his 14th game, the most for an Astro since Brett Myers did it in 2010.

6. Mike Foltynewicz will strike out 20 batters.

7. Jake Marisnick will bring his career average up over the Mendoza line.

8. Marc Krauss will spend more time in the minors.

9. Matt Albers will return from the disabled list.

10. Collin McHugh will get to 140 strikeouts.