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Tuesday's Daily Boil: Lane's 3 run bomb in "Boyhood"

Wondering which game that was on screen in Richard LInklater's "Boyhood?" Me too.

Bob Levey

I saw the movie "Boyhood" on Sunday night with my daughter and friends. Set in Texas and for some time in Houston, Ethan Hawke's character takes his kids to a game at Minute Maid Park. It's the Astros versus the Brewers with Roger Clemens on the mound and the Astros win on a 3 run shot by Jason Lane. Sound familiar? Probably not.

The reason is simple, it's likely not just one game in truth. Some running down of games on Baseball-Reference was done by Big League Stew and they can't quite figure it out. There was no 3 run bomb by Lane versus the Brewers while Clemens was the starting pitcher for the Astros. So if you found yourself confused, it was for good reason.

Go check out the chain of research and then go see if you can do any better. I'm guessing not.

Regardless, if you haven't seen Richard Linklater's revolutionary coming of age film, RUN to a theater and go see it. It's the story of a boy over the course of 12 years and the movie itself was filmed over 12 years to capture the same actors over time. It's genius and lovely...and it's got a little Astros baseball in it.