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Quick Look at Richard Rodriguez

A quick look a the profile of Astros relief pitching prospect Richard Rodriguez.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The AMP Mailbag this week brought up another pitching prospect that doesn't get a lot of attention despite making quite of an ascent through the minors this year.

I'm talking about the reliever prospect Richard Rodriguez.

I was able to catch a quick look at him in the Oklahoma City RedHawks most recent trip to Nashville (and by recent, I mean July). I knew absolutely nothing about him at the time other than what you can see on a stat page.

He shoved in Lancaster and Corpus earlier in the season with an absurd strikeout percentage over 30% and a low walk rate. His promotion to OkC wasn't as smooth. His strikeout rate dropped and walk-rate increased but is still good at 5.4%.

He has a good ground ball rate that hovers just barely south of 50%. But, as a 24 year old with minimal starting experience (last start was in 2012), he's not a big name. But, as a reliever, he's done quite well.

What I saw was a guy who can command an average fastball and a breaking ball that is above-average. It has good sharp break and he can change the tilt on it. Not bad for a middle reliever type profile.