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AMP Mailbag: Pitcher Nobody is Talking About

Ashitaka asks Subber10 for an arm that we might need to pay more attention to.

Mike Stobe

Our question this week actually comes from a writer, Ashitaka

Give me a pitcher in the system who people don't talk about a lot but you're high on, and why I should be too?

Interesting question.  And tough to pin down on a site like this since there is tons of talk about the majority of all prospects.

So, I'll just take one that is in the upper levels that could be better than most expect.  Jordan Jankowski.

He's not a big name prospect but has more potential than a lot give credit for.

He's likely destined for the pen since he's 25 and is AA for the first time this year. But, he's been a guy that Corpus has used in several different ways. He's been used in the pen and in the rotation, just like all of the starters. But, he's been used more out of the pen than some of the other pitchers.

He doesn't really have the profile of a starter. He has a bad ground ball percentage and this year has a higher than average HR/9.

But, where he excels is that he limits walks and strikes guys out. He has a below average contact rate and an above average outside swinging percentage. That is a recipe for a lot of strikeouts and indicates it will continue at the next level.

He also puts more pitches in the zone than average which indicates good control and that in general his walk-rates will stay fairly similar.

The thing that stands out with him is that you can see he has a very nice slider. I was told he has one of the best sliders in the system. That is pretty high praise when you consider the quality of some of the sliders in the system with Michael Feliz.

The slider is able create whiffs as well as draw a lot of those out of the zone swings. Coupled with around average fastball, he has the makings to be a strong reliever.

I wouldn't put him at closer level, or even set-up man level. However, he has a strong track record that indicates a potential future as a major-league relievers next year.