Some peliminary thoughts on Jake Marisnick et seq

Since his July call-up Bob Grossman has slashed 271/392/421.

Since his trade Jake Marisnick has slashed 315/321/426.

(In24 games with Houston Kike Hernandez slashed 284/347/420.)

Jon Singleton had an OPS of 642 in July and has a 638 OPS in Aug.

Some time ago Snake argued for Domingo Santana getting every AB yielded by the LF position in September. I agreed. Now I think Jake Marisnick should play every day through the rest of the season so that the Astros can see what's what with the guy. So who sits when (and if) Springer (remember him?) comes back? I am thinking Singleton. I do not know if Grossman can play 1st, but Carter is somewhat OK there. So I would propose that Grossman and Carter handle the 1B/DH duties once Springer returns.

To be explicit, I want the Astros to win as many games as possible this year. Singleton has had a fair number of AB's to develop and the Astros would be better off currently and possibly in the future if those AB's go to Marisnick and Grossman. If the Astros could win games this year and nail down the OF for next, that would advance things. Next year they can sort out Grossman and Singleton on a going forward basis.