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Astros tweak Sunday uniform selection

White after labor day? The Astros make a change to their uniform schedule.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Astros are on the home stretch of their second season in their modernized throwback threads. By all accounts the change back to the blue, orange, and Star-H has been a complete success. The turning back the clock has been universally loved in Houston and across the baseball landscape.

Since the onset of the changes, the Astros have worn their rainbow batting practice jersey as their Sunday home uniform. Houston had orange top Fridays, orange cap Saturdays, and the previously-mentioned rainbow tops on Sunday.

For the second straight weekend in a row, Houston is wearing their home white uniforms with the orange caps on Sunday. It was Odd enough that I felt a compulsion to ask the Astros for an official word about the change. Was it because the batting practice jerseys are based off of templates that the MLB is constantly changing? For example, the 2014 batting practice template included piping, thus the 2013 were sent to the clearance rack. The Astros' response to my inquiry was that the change was made because the players requested it. 

The players wanted to be in the orange caps over and I can'f fault them for it. I'm a fan of the batting practice jersey but it has its place. That place is before the game. What is your take on the switch?