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2014 All-Star Selection: Second baseman Jose Altuve selected to American League All-Star team

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Jose Altuve selected to his second career All-Star selection; he becomes the second Astro named to the American League All-Star team.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Astros second baseman Jose Altuve has been named to the 2014 American League All-Star reserve roster. This is the second career selection for Altuve, his first selection was in 2012. This is the second respective for the Astros in the American League.

Altuve currently leads the major leagues in hits (121) and he has a 10-hit lead over the next batter - Orioles outfielder Adam Jones. He is second in the majors and first in the American league in batting average (.338) and stolen bases (37). Altuve also tied for fifth in the major in doubles (26) with Cubs shortstop Starlin Castro and Tigers second baseman Ian Kinsler.

Jose Altuve leads the Astros in WAR at 2.9*, leading Dexter Fowler at 1.4, George Springer at 0.8, and last year's Astros all-star Jason Castro at 0.8. He currently ranks eleventh in the American League in WAR, and second to Kinsler (3.8) at the second base position.

Robinson Cano was selected by the fans to start at second for the American League.

*Stats courtney of FanGraghs