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TCB Daily Crawfish Boil: GAPPER Report

Introduction to Matt Garrioch's GAPPER Report with Astros top 20 performers.

Tom Pennington

Many of you are familiar with Matt Garrioch of Minor League Ball. Some of you are familiar with his GAPPER report.

But that's not all of you. I gotta break it down for the rest of ya.

Garrioch's GAPPER Report is similar to our Anthony Boyer's "Very Luhnow Prospects" in that it's a formula that applies weights to certain statistics to come out to a single number. It makes looking at large data piles much simpler and makes ranking prospects more objective...ish.

Obviously, there is some bias into the formula. How else do you determine the weights into your formula? Well more analysis.

By using those same statistics, you can find trends and find how certain stats, ARL, positional value translates to the majors. You then apply how strong of a correlation that those stats have with success to a weighted value. And have a new metric.

Obviously, it's a lot of work. So when you look at those types of things, be mindful of the work involved. And, that's the simplest way I can describe it because I'm not a mathmetricatician....errr....I'm just a Physical Therapist. It's probably a heck of a lot more complicated than that.

Garrioch hasn't been very transparent with his formula nor his research, and rightfully so. It's caught some attention from a few clubs and it's earned him an invitation to present at the SABR seminar which he couldn't make it to.

But, despite not knowing exactly how it works, you have to give it props in that his system has been high on Kiké Hernandez since beginning of last season.

Without further adieu, and sorry for burring the lede, here is the most recent report with the top 20 performers for each organization.