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Astros Agree to Terms with First Overall Pick Brady Aiken

Astros have come to terms with their top draft selection, Brady Aiken

Rich Schultz

There's been plenty of information coming out today about the negotiations between Brady Aiken and the Houston Astros. There have been quotes from Aiken's dad that the two sides have gotten very close in negotiations to get the first overall pick in this years MLB draft signed.

Now, we learn that the two sides have actually come to an agreement and will be much closer than the previous quotes of being done in the next week or two.

The 1-1 selection this year was worth $7,922,710 this year and gives the Astros a surplus of 1,422,710 to work with to get other picks like 5th round pick, Jacob Nix, signed.

Again, Jeff Luhnow and his scouting staff have been able to get their top pick signed rather quickly.