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Astros trade leaks: Team releases official statement, claim some material fabricated

And the FBI is involved. The Astros are not playing around.

Jamie Squire

Well, this was bound to happen. The Astros have released a statement on the data breach of their Ground Control database, the results of which were published on Deadspin Monday.

Here's the official statement:

"Last month, we were made aware that proprietary information held on Astros’ servers and in Astros’ applications had been illegally obtained. Upon learning of the security breach, we immediately notified MLB security who, in turn, notified the FBI. Since that time, we have been working closely with MLB security and the FBI to the determine the party, or parties, responsible. This information was illegally obtained and published, and we intend to prosecute those involved to the fullest extent.

"It is unfortunate and extremely disappointing that an outside source has illegally obtained confidential information. While it does appear that some of the content released was based on trade conversations, a portion of the material was embellished or completely fabricated."

What do we learn? Well, the FBI is involved, meaning this person is in for some serious trouble. It could be anyone, including a disgruntled former employee (like Tim suggested in another thread). But, it also could be a black hat from outside the organization just looking to make some waves. Notice, too, that this is something the Astros have known about for a month. They knew the data was out there, but not how it would come out (if at all).

Either way, the Astros are comin' at ya, bro. Best be on point.

The other note to note is the line at the end about "material" being "embellished or completely fabricated." Do you know what this does? It gives deniability to all the teams who's plans were made public here. Is Alexei Ramirez upset that he wasn't on the White Sox "untouchable" list? Sorry, Alexei, that part was made up.

It was something the Astros had to do. How genuine it is (or the data released) is an open question.