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Jon Singleton promotion: What are they saying?

Jeff Luhnow, Bo Porter, and players talk about Jon Singleton's call up and deal.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The two phases of the news cycle are complete. The arrival of Jon Singleton has been rumored and reported. The Astros have confirmed said reports, and announced the call up of the top first baseman prospect in baseball. Now it's time to hear from the men that called up and will use him in the lineup -'s Brian McTaggart has more information about the transaction from Astros' general manager Jeff Luhnow -

I think it really began with the desire to have the deal be good for both sides, good for the player in that the player is given some security and the player knows how important he is to the organization. And good for the organization in that we now have cost control over a player that has a chance to be pretty special and that we believe is going to be a good big league player and potentially a great big league player.

Read more of McTaggart's article here, he goes into a full breakdown of Singleton, the deal, and more from Luhnow.

Now one more tweet that might leave you asking "Bud, tell us how you really feel?" -

Seems a bit much, but what's your take?