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Astros news: George Springer, Astros on cover of this week's Sports Illustrated

SI makes some bold predictions, putting Springer on the cover with a World Series prediction for 2017.

Otto Greule Jr

Well, it appears George Springer has officially arrived. Shout out to Ben Reiter for supporting the rebuild, who said the cover story itself will be available some time this afternoon.

Springer, who hit his 14th home run last night 465 feet away from home plate, makes sense for the cover since he was the first big prospect to be promoted and has hit home runs in bunches since then.

Perhaps even bolder than putting a player from a 33-45 team on the cover is the big headline: "YOUR 2017 WORLD SERIES CHAMPS"

Sounds good to us and Brian Kenny. And it also sounds good to Springer, who seems to not have known this was coming.

Not just anybody gets to be on the cover, either. According to the Astros' manager of authentication, Mike Acosta, Springer becomes the seventh Astros player to appear on the SI cover.

Needless to say, people interested in the Astros are pretty excited.

And then some that are afraid of the dreaded SI curse...

But as we all know, King George is curse-proof because he's the greatest baseball player to ever live.