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Astros Injury: Carlos Correa injured on slide into third base [UPDATED]

Carlos Correa was injured in the Lancaster JetHawks game Saturday night. Still awaiting word on the extent of the injury.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Last night Lancaster JetHawks beat writer Eric L Smith had this tweet:

During the 6th inning Carlos Correa hit a triple and hurt his leg sliding into third base. He had to be carried off the field. Since last night there are several conflicting reports from people that follow the team and people that don't. The injury appears to be a leg or foot injury, with several people indicating the fibula. As of 8:30 a.m. CT June 22, 2014, NOTHING HAS BEEN MADE OFFICIAL. People are either speculating or passing along bad information.

Keep calm and wait for the official word, before you freak out. And even then, yes it sucks, but it's not the end of the world and it's not necessarily the end of Carlos Correa's career. It is a setback and happens to prospects high and low.

We will update you when we've heard something factual on the injury.

UPDATE: Jose de Jesus Ortiz has an update on Carlos Correa's injury. Jeff Luhnow said that Correa was, "evaluated last night and will be evaluated further today."

It looks like it might be a while before we get any official word on the extent of the injury.

UPDATE: Subber10: There is a huge need to not make assumptions until full details are out. According to the Ottawa Ankle Rules, he had one of three factors to have an X-Ray since he couldn't weight bear on the ankle. That does not mean it's fractured, it means he needed to be tested for one.

Even if it is a fracture of the fibula, it would be the lower fibula which still has a wide range of outcomes, mostly good. It could range from no affects and resuming baseball activities in as little as 8 weeks to some permanent limitations in ankle range of motion which could impact foot speed and defensive range in the field. It could potentially push him to third-base. That would likely be worse case scenario.

It's all dependent on the exact location, complexity of the fracture, and how many fractures. Even the worst one I've seen resulted in dramatic increase in ankle size, limited range of motion, and hypersensitivity to touch. That one also involved fractures in the foot. He also did his sliding into a base. He still runs 5K's.

It's way too early to know anything. We need more information as well as impact on ligaments since X-Ray's can't give that information and there a lot of ligament attachments in that area. I would expect more information to not come out until tomorrow or later in the week.

UPDATE 1:05 PM CT: On the pre-game radio show Jeff Luhnow said that it was an ankle injury and that they'll know more information in the next couple days, after Correa sees the Astros' doctors in Houston. He expects Correa to miss significant time, but will have an opportunity to make up that time in the Arizona Fall League.

Here's the official quote from Jeff Luhnow:

"Carlos was examined last night at a local hospital in California," Luhnow said. "He will travel to Houston early this week to be evaluated further by the Astros medical staff before determining next steps. He will be placed on the disabled list and is expected to miss some time."

Again it looks like it's going to be a couple days before we have anything concrete to analyze and evaluate.

UPDATE: Brian McTaggart has some quotes from Correa and Jeff Luhnow in his blog post regarding the injury:

Correa heading to Houston to see specialist " Tag's Lines