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TCB Daily Crawfish Boil: Trackman+Perfect Game=Awesome

Trackman and Perfect Game gave a quick glance into the type of data that teams are starting to have on high school prospects.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

I love prospects. Many of you love prospects. I love advanced stats. Many of you loved advanced stats. I love advanced data. Many of you love advanced data.

Advanced data+prospects=limited

Advanced data+high school draft prospects=Does that even exist?

In limited samples it does. In limited samples it's lasted at least two years. Perfect Game and Trackman teamed up this year to get advanced data during the Perfect Game National Showcase. While all the data is expensive to get and primarily to be sold to baseball organizations, some of the information does get tweeted out by various Perfect Game and Trackman personnel.

Check out the leader boards from day 1 and day 2.

It's never too early to get a look at possible prospects for next year's draft. This data is information that we normally wouldn't have on them until AFTER they get to the majors. So, it's definitely an interesting first look.

Based on the data, I'm definitely intrigued with Hogan Harris and I haven't even taken a look at him.