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Fearless predictions for the Astros in June

Reviewing my predictions for May and making some bold ones for June.

As we've done the past two months, let's review all those bold predictions I made back in the beginning of the month. What did I get right? What was I plain stupid about? Turns out, I batted about .500 this month, which is an improvement over my .300 average for April. Trending upwards, at any rate.

How did I do? Well, here are the ones I missed on.

1. The Astros will go 11-17 in May.

2. Chris Carter will get to 10 home runs.

3. Jason Castro will be the leading Astros All-Star vote-getter.

5. Matt Dominguez will be the first Astro to double-digit home runs.

9. MVP of the month will be Dexter Fowler.

I've never been happier to be wrong than I was about that record in May. The Astros beat my prediction by four games, taking their first winning month since September of 2010. They also scored more runs than their opponents in a month since October of 2012 (only three games).

Carter just missed getting to 10 homers, but he was second on the team in homers for the month with five. We know no Astros is in the top five of their position in All-Star voting, so there's no way to know if I'm right or wrong there. But, judging by the poor numbers Castro is putting up, I bet Jose Altuve's got him beat.

Of course, George Springer negated both of those last two, as Dominguez is still two homers shy of double-digits, after hitting his eighth of the year in Sunday's game.

Now, what did I get right?

4. George Springer will hit his first home run (and then five more).

6. Brett Oberholtzer will win his first game of the season.

7. Jesse Crain will still not be pitching by the end of the month.

8. Houston will make three non-injury related roster moves.

10. Pitcher of the Month will be Dallas Keuchel.

So what if Springer hit four more home runs after he did what I predicted. I still nailed that one. Oh, and I also nailed that Obiehockey would get his first win, though I did not predict he'd get sent to the minors twice in the same month. That was surprising.

I'm not happy about the Crain prediction. I'd have as soon been wrong about him. But, it does sound like he's throwing again and might be back this month. Cross your fingers. If he's healthy and pitching well, that bullpen (which has been great) could be even better.

The three non-injury related moves were all pitching related. But, they made them. Actually, they made eight moves in all this month. So, I was a bit low there.

Finally, Keuchel was pretty awesome. Not the boldest of predictions, but I got out in front of it.

Now's when I have to make predictions for this month, huh? Yikes.

1. The Astros will go 11-16 this month.

2. Houston will draft Brady Aiken with the top pick on Thursday.

3. Jon Singleton will make his major-league debut this month.

4. The bullpen will get at least two of its injured members back.

5. Jason Castro will break out, with a .350 on-base percentage this month and four home runs.

6. Asher Wojciechowski will start at least one game for Houston.

7. Carlos Correa will get promoted to Double-A.

8. George Springer will get to 15 home runs.

9. Jose Altuve will score his 50th run.

10. Jonathan Villar will steal his 20th base.

What about you? Any bold predictions for the month of June?