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Thursday's Three Astros Things

Talking about DRAKE, Dallas Keuchel and Dexter Fowler...

Some things to talk about while Mike Elias chats it up on the Astros Twitter account...


That's right, Drake (DRAKE!!!!) will be in the building for Thursday's game with the Diamondbacks.

I had no idea who Drake was, until I asked @GIFOracle to gif me Drake.

Now, I know he's a famous man from Toronto who likes to keep his suit clean. I'm not alone, either. An Astros employee who I'll keep anonymous (for their own safety) didn't know who Drake was, either. So, I'm in good company.

Are you going to Drake at the game tonight? Do you care that Drake is showing his appreciate for Houston this weekend? Isn't that the most Canadian thing you've ever heard?

2) RJ on Keuchel

Richard Justice has been on point with the Astros lately. He's the rare national voice who gets the rebuild and can articulate it clearly. On Thursday, he took on the incredible season of Dallas Keuchel. You saw his tweet about Keuchel's All-Star status in the ASG post from earlier today. But, Justice expands those thoughts here.

One of the best things about baseball's Midsummer Classic is the stories like this: Guys who've had to fight and claw for everything they've gotten. Guys who've dealt with some failure and who simply kept working and kept figuring things out. Guys who believed in themselves when plenty of others had to be a bit shaky.

That's Dallas Keuchel.

Plenty of good stuff to unpack here, but his basic point is solid. Keuchel has been outstanding and deserves an All-Star nod. He'll likely get one, too, which is almost as awesome as it is improbable.

Read the whole thing. It's worth your time.

3) Dexter Fowler on Intentional Talk

I already spent many words on Fowler this morning, so here's a video of him discussing many things on Intentional Talk yesterday: