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Orioles 4, Astros 3: Jerome, Jerome the Metronome

Yet another 1-run loss. These are getting tiresome.

Bob Levey

Things that the analytics tell us are worse than Jerome Williams:



Nuclear holocaust

James Harden's defense

The Springfield Tire FIre

My understanding of defensive metrics

Analytics themselves

Luhnow Truthers

The term "Luhnow Truthers"

Britta...(RIP Community. Five seasons and a move?)

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D before Winter Solider's release

The Matrix sequels

Jar-Jar Binks

Texas Tech

Lubbock in general

Artificial turf

The designated hitter

The novels of Susan Sondheim

People who share baby photos on Facebook

People who don't like your adorable moppet's photos on Facebook

People who take selfies

People who use the term, "selfies"

People who use "unnecessary" quotation "marks"

Tim's name pronunciations on the podcast

My ability to respond to emails in a timely manner

The letter "W"

The Following

People who spoil Game of Thrones plot twists

Cardinals fans

Cubs fans

Rangers fans

The official scorer in Arlington

Alex Rios' defense

Carlos Lee

Carlos Lee again

Caddyshack 2



Places that only serve Pepsi

Places that don't serve Dr. Pepper

Lucas Harrell

Astros County (haha, not really. Just seeing if you were paying attention. Those guys are the best)

And that's it.

Did I miss anything? After Friday's game, we need to categorically define everything that's worse than Williams (who, by the way, is a wonderful human being and a terrible baseball player).