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TCB Daily Boil: Luhnow-ing the Draft with Hoffman

News broke on Wednesday that ECU's Jeff Hoffman will have TJ surgery, and does this open up the draft for Astros Amateur Scouting Director Mike Elias and GM Jeff Luhnow.

Scott Halleran

Tommy John surgery is never good fortune. And it's never something you wish upon even your worst enemy.  But, there is such a thing as "one man's loss is another man's reward." I'll attempt to put that spin on a soon-to-be member of the TJ Fraternity.

Jeff Hoffman came into this season as the latest pitcher to elevate his stock dramatically after a very strong showing in the Cape Cod League. Understandably, several were excited about him, others were less optimistic due the theme of Cape Cod risers on average becoming over-hyped. After all, Hoffman throws mid-90's easily and has off-speed stuff that has plus potential. The kicker is that he actually can control that high level stuff and shows above average command.

However, it was announced on Wednesday that he'll have TJ. He goes from possible 1-1 pick to arm troubles that put him in the 4-10 range, to now he'll likely be a mid-1st to comp. round pick.  Remember he's a Junior and TJ surgeries should be held out of competition for 12-15 months. Bye Bye senior season.

My inbox was immediately filled with discussion from the TCB staff. Initial thoughts were, he'll go back to school. Oh wait, not happening. Still go high. May go late. Where does he go?

Thank you Baseball America. They have that answered here.

Yes, there is a chance the Astros do another 2012 Draft and get somebody cheaper with the 1-1 pick and select him in the comp. round.  This could be very similar to the Royals plan of last year. On the podcast Sunday, I said Hoffman was similar to Sean Manaea of last year. Cape guy with injury problems dropping his status.  With the Astros bonus pool...