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TCB Pitcher of the Week: May 1-7

Who's the top hurler from a bad week of Astros baseball?

Thearon W. Henderson

A short, short, short view of the horrendous Astros pitching over the last week. I could not muster any more enthusiasm for this piece if I tried. In fact, I probably should have given this to Mike Foltynewicz for his 12-strikeout performance. It was better than most of what I had to talk about here.

Honorable mention

Tony Sipp

I know. I'm not excited about this either. Sipp only had 1 2/3 innings in the past week. He was just added, like, yesterday.

Yet, here we sit, as he was one of five pitchers with positive WAR totals. In those innings, Sipp struck out two, didn't walk anyone and didn't give up a hit. In this barren, bereft black hole of a season, that qualifies as an honorable mention.

That's it

Seriously. There's no one else. Do you want me to give it to Brett Oberholtzer, who had the most innings with a terrible ERA? Do you want me to give it to Dallas Keuchel, who pitched decently, but also dinged his ERA? Do you want me to give it to a reliever like Chad Qualls, who barely pitched a full inning?

No. I'm hitting eject. Let's meet again next week.


Jarred Cosart

The strikeouts weren't there, but Cosart didn't give up any runs. That's an unqualified success on this staff, in this week. His peripherals continue to look semi-appealing. You have to like his 80 percent ground ball rate. 

True ERA likes him better than SIERA or FIP, but there's no question that Cosart was effective in his one start over the last seven days.

Oh, and he still lost. Because, of course he did. Really, let's just get together next week and hope for a few better results. When does Feldman come back? What about Albers? Jesse Crain? Anyone?