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TCB Astros Hitter of the Week: May 20-26


Self-restraint in the realm of internet writing does not come naturally. There is nigh-unlimited space to write. There are precious few rule against what you write. You get to do pretty much as you please.

I tell you this to illustrate what great control I'm displaying this week. Do you know who this week's winner will be? I'm sure you do. Do you know how hard it is for me to not just write 2,000 words on his brilliance? Or actually discuss some other "worthy" candidates in the Honorable Mentions?

This is dedication, ladies and gentlemen.

Honorable Mentions

Jose Altuve

He's been fine. In 32 plate appearances, he hit .433/.469/.600 with a 204 wRC+.

This is an average week.

Dexter Fowler

He, too, is just okay. In 30 plate appearances, Fowler hit .250/.400/.250 with a .317 wOBA.

That's not bad. Not great, but not bad.


George Springer

Which photo do I add here? All of them. All of these photos.

I know you want analysis. I know you expect to have a bunch of stats thrown into your face about how ridiculously good Springer has been. I'm not going to do that. Check Twitter, where people use RBIs as a thing that means something about his performance. I don't even want to debate it.

No, I just want to enjoy this.

Springer has arrived. As he has done at nearly every level of the minors, Springer needed some time to adjust. Once he did so, he started mashing.

Does he still swing so hard, he looks silly? Absolutely.

Does he still make dumb plays in the outfield? Unfortunately.

Is he making me glad I didn't cave and discuss or write about whether he was "called up too soon?" What do you think?

For years, we talked about the Astros not having an impact prospect. George Springer is that. His last week shows just what kind of impact he can make. Imagine when a couple more impact guys join him in the majors.

Then you'll be laughing too.