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Astros wear throwbacks uniforms in Seattle

The Mariners had a theme night for 1979, for course the Astros busted out the original rainbow uniforms.

The Astros were in town as the Mariners celebrated 1979, the year the Seattle SuperSonics won the National Basketball Association championship. As a result, both teams wore a throwback uniform.

There uniforms were full of 'win' all a around. A large number of player wore stirrups, including George Springer who had two home runs and five RBIs in the game. Stirrup power? I'm going to say yes, just to help along the cause to get the Astros to return to stirrups full time.

Here is what the National Baseball Hall of Fame uniform database, "Dressed the Nines", shows for the Astros 1979 edition of the rainbow uniforms. As reader TonyWatson9 points out, the Astros didn't have a road gray. This throwback brings up a question, should the Astros have a orange helmet for the games they were their orange caps?


Overall an A+, 80 grade execution of the throwback. Now let's bask in the glow of the tequila sunrise.