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Astros MiLB POTW: May 16th-22nd

Subber10 picks the Astros MiLB Player's of the Week. Seriously guys...these pitchers are making these awards difficult!

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Hitter of the Week

Too easy. Preston Tucker.

Four Home Runs.


No further evidence needed.

Alright. I'll tell you what else he did. He went 6 for 21 at the plate with those home runs. But, he also drew five walks while striking out just four times. Power and more walks than strikeouts you say? YESSIR!

Pitcher of the Week

Do you guys understand how difficult it can be to pick a pitcher of the week with some of the pitchers in this system that regularly pitch lights out? It's honestly to the point that if you give up a run, might as well forget about it.

Tyler Brunnemann continues to be a beast. Josh Hader fans ridiculous amounts of batter, but had a rough inning. Lance McCuller was filthy but gave up some runs. Tommy Shirley did what Tommy Shirley does. Andrew Robinson was quite dominant out of the pen for Corpus. The list of solid pitching performances for the week just keeps going.

But, I have to give it to Luis Cruz. He fanned nine batters over 6 1/3 innings in his start this week. NINE! But, the stat line gets even better than that. He only allowed three base runners. That is less than a 0.5 WHIP for that game.

That's just wrong.