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Jarred Cosart's angry fastball

Why do I feel like I just got yelled at?

Otto Greule Jr

What's the best part of Jarred Cosart? His angry fastball:


I feel like I just got yelled at by a 94 MPH fastball.

His fastball(s) does indeed sit around 94 according to FanGraphs and is worth about three runs above average so far this season. Tonight he's been Jarred Cosart: 6 1/3 innings pitched, six strikeouts and one run allowed on five hits and four walks. He left the game in the seventh with the bases loaded and one out. His final pitch was another angry fastball to get a swinging strikeout from Mike Zunino.

Tony Sipp relieved Cosart and allowed two runs to score on an infield single. Cosart's final line includes three runs allowed instead of one. Which isn't bad, but ultimately puts the Astros behind the eight ball since the offense has only scored one run.

His 10 starts this year aren't as good as last years, ERA wise, but there are some encouraging adjustments that Cosart has made that should help him succeed moving forward. His strikeout and walk rate have improved and his groundball rate is still above average. The problem has been that silly regression term. His LOB% has decreased and his BABIP and home run/fly ball ration have both increased. Still, if he can continue to improve his strikeout and walk rates he'll have plenty of success at the major league level. And we'll get to enjoy more angry fastballs.