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2014 MLB Draft Profile- Michael Chavis, 3B/2B, Sprayberry HS (GA)

Baseball athletic with a pretty power stroke, Michael Chavis is garnering first round interest with his potential as a middle of the order bat at an infield spot.


Infielders with power bats are a rare thing, and when they come with a good hit tool in addition, they're particularly enticing. A prospect who comes with that package is Michael Chavis, who has manned both second and third base for his high school team in Marietta, Georgia. Though he has solid foot speed (6.68 60 time) and some decent lateral quickness to handle second, his long term home is more likely third where his 91 MPH infield arm won't be wasted. He has a quick throwing release in the infield and has good actions at the hot corner. Though his range won't blind anyone, there should be no concern about his ability to man an infield spot down the line, which adds to the value of his bat significantly.

Though his glove is a solid trait, where Chavis really shines is as a hitter. His bat cuts through the zone like a hot knife through butter. Though his swing path is on the longer side, he has the bat speed to compensate and he wastes very little motion mechanically. When he gets barrel to ball, it produces an explosive sound that signals the amount of raw power he has in his maxed out 5'11" frame. He starts from an open stance before stepping closed as the ball is pitched, and though the motion itself doesn't concern me from a timing perspective, the landing spot of his front foot sometimes causes him to lose some balance in his swing, and may be something that is tweaked when he gets to pro ball.

Overall, Chavis has the ability to hit for average and power as a third baseman, in the mold of someone like Josh Donaldson. He's by all accounts a smart kid, and is in impressive shape, doing all he can to maximize his athleticism despite being on the shorter side.

College Commitment


MLB Projection

Chavis strikes me as a future 5-hole hitter if his bat plays like I expect it to. As I mentioned previously, his ceiling is something like a Josh Donaldson.

Will He Sign?

I think so, as he's a likely mid-to-late first rounder, with a floor of the supplemental round assuming his bonus demands are reasonable.


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