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Daily Crawfish Boil: Sports Science breaks down George Springer

ESPN's Sports Science program takes a indepth look at George Springer's diving catch in Detroit.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

We as Astros fans know George Springer can do all things. The national media appears to be starting to catch on. ESPN's Sports Science does an outstanding job at breaking down the mechanical science behind every action on the field. This week's baseball play of the week for Sports Science was George Springer's spectacular diving catch against the Tigers. Here is the regular highlight at normal speed -

What a catch. The catch was the reigning top web gem on Baseball Tonight as of May 17. It has held the top spot for a week. Now, watch as John Brenkus explains the awesomeness of George Springer -

Spring(er) Forward - ESPN Video - ESPN
ESPN Video: George Springer's diving catch robs Miguel Cabrera for the MLB play of the week.

Hey, at the very least the Astros aren't on national television making error, that's progress right?