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Astros sign Kyle Farnsworth, Clemens optioned to Triple-A Oklahoma City

The Astros have signed veteran relief pitcher, Kyle Farnsworth. Paul Clemens has been optioned back to OKC.

Rob Foldy

Jeff Luhnow added another bullpen piece today.

Farnsworth was released 2 days after the Mets outrighted him to AAA earlier this week. Farnsworth was upset with the move, since he had shown marked improvement since a rocky start to the season.

"Hopefully find a team to play against this team," Farnsworth said. "I'm very bitter right now."

The Astros last series this year is against the Mets, so Farnsworth will get his chance. That series is in New York on September 24-26.

Paul Clemens was optioned to Oklahoma City.

This move is a sign that Luhnow is still trying to put together a bullpen that is not the worst in the league. With Albers and Crain still on the DL, the bullpen has struggled. His ERA was 3.18, but his FIP (4.49) and x FIP (4.34) suggest he hasn't quite been as good as his ERA. Hopefully this change of scenery can provide Farnsworth a chance to prove his worth and help the Astros bolster a bullpen that is going on 200 games as one of the worst in the MLB.