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Daily Crawfish Boil: He's 80, and He Can Still Play

Baseball is beautiful and there's nothing better than knowing a man who is 80 years old can still play.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

I'm going to take this daily series a slightly different direction today. It's meant to highlight what we've been reading and how it applies to the Astros.

Well, throw out reading! Who likes to read anyway?

I won't pretend to be a part of this PITCHf/x summit alumni group. I won't pretend to know who this Ed Frank guy is.

But, I will say that this is awesome!

Not for the simple fact that an 80 year old man is participating in a sport, but that he can move that well.

You don't even notice a real difference in the way he moves until he stands up out of his catcher's squat. He still has fairly normal arm action when he throws back to the pitcher. Arm doesn't look stiff and like he's pushing the ball.

Heck, his knees move better than mine. He has more range of motion than my right knee does.

Then, at the very end, old man legs out a single.

There is so much to enjoy about this video.

That man has seen a lot, and he still loves the game of baseball so much that he plays it at the age of 80.  Baseball is beautiful. No matter how poorly it's played at times (I'm looking at you Astros).

It's a beautiful game that I didn't play enough of growing up. It's baseball. It's being outside with the sun shining. It's about being at the ballpark where your away from the real world. Sit back and enjoy the ride.