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MLB Draft 2014: Keith Law projects Brady Aiken to Astros at No. 1 overall

His latest mock draft (for Insiders) has Houston taking the prep lefty.


It's mock draft season as we're about three weeks away from Houston picking No. 1 overall for a third straight year. with that in mind, Keith Law posted a new mock draft over at ESPN (for Insiders only). In it, he tabs Brady Aiken to the Astros at No. 1.

Law was the first to switch to Aiken at the top of the draft and sticks to it here. For those of you who aren't as familiar with Aiken as with, say, Carlos Rodon, the lefty hails from Cathedral Catholic High School in San Diego. He stands 6-foot-4 and 200 pounds and has seen a rise in his velocity this season.

if he can sustain that velocity from the left side, Aiken is a very intriguing arm. Also, as Brooks mentioned two weeks ago on the podcast, Aiken doesn't pitch year-round, which could lead to big things for his future injury prevention.

Law also notes that Houston is down to just three names for the top pick with Aiken, NC State's Carlos Rodon and California high school catcher/outfielder Alex Jackson.

Notice who's missing there? Only one Tyler Kolek, the pride of Shepherd. I guess those visits by Bo Porter and Nolan Ryan didn't mean as much as a year's worth of scouting? Huh. Hype is a funny thing, especially when it's generated by weird sources who should know better.

Another benefit of drafting Aiken is he could likely be had for under slot value, making it possible for Houston to nab someone like Jeff Hoffman or Eric Fedde if they slip to the compensation round.

What do you think? Are you sold yet that the Astros have moved off Carlos Rodon? Are you still skeptical of any high school pitcher going No. 1 overall? Are you excited yet that Alex Jackson gets mentioned as a candidate at No. 1 overall, because I sure am.