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TCB Astros Pitcher of the Week: April 1-8

Another first award of the year without much competition

Bob Levey

In our second weekly awards feature, we look at which pitchers had the best week from Opening Day to now. A note on my methodology in selecting these: it's completely arbitrary. In typical BBWAA fashion, I basically close my eyes and point to select a winner.

No, really, it's slightly more scientific than that. I try not to stick to one or two measures to determine things. I am admittedly biased toward fWAR leaders, but I consider all possible stat categories and make a call based on the sum of the data.

What that means is I won't automatically take the guy with the lowest ERA or the most strikeouts. If they're the best, that's who I pick. Awards are subjective, after all.

Unlike the Hitter of the Week post, I don't have runners up for this one. I just have one guy.


Scott Feldman

What did $12 million get the Astros this winter? Nothing spectacular, but it did buy them impressive consistency. Feldman came completely as advertised. He's got a paltry strikeout rate, doesn't walk anyone and generates ground balls. Unlike some of Houston's staff, Feldman has been as good in both of his starts, shutting down both the Angels and the Yankees.

Part of the problem with young pitching is a lack of consistency. For an example, check out Mike Foltynewicz's second appearance the other night (2.1 IP, 4 H, 4 ER, 2 HR, 2BB vs. New Orleans). He's an incredible talent, but he's still young. He won't be lights out all the time. Jose Fernandez is the exception, not the rule.

Thats why Feldman's deal was at once perplexing and much-needed. He's not a front-line starter, but he will give Houston consistent innings and be a steadying presence in the rotation every five days. To me, that's worth $12 million.