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Astros Weekend in Review: April 25-27

What happened this weekend in the Astro-verse.

Bob Levey

What's that? You missed all the Astros news this weekend? Well, let's get you caught up.


Well, the bullpen took a hit this weekend, as Matt Albers went on the 15-day disabled list. Houston called up Jose Cisnero to take his place, and he promptly threw a solid 1 1/3 innings in his first day with the team. It didn't help Houston in a bad Friday loss, but we'll get to that later.

Meanwhile, the Astros unveiled a change to their caps on Saturday. Well, they've wore them for a one home Saturday already, but we got an article written for it this weekend. It's pretty sweet and may be a small detail, but our own Astros Uni Watch, Ryan, was all over it.

Minor leagues

Minor League Recap for Saturday

Minor League Recap for Sunday

Catch up on all the weekend's minor league news in our two recaps.

Meanwhile, Mark Appel won't be in any of those recaps, since he's headed back to extended spring training.Luhnow suggested that Appel simply didn't have enough of a spring training and pointed the blame at himself for rushing his timetable. I'm sure that won't fuel the draft debate fire from 2013 any more, right? If only they could have drafted Nola back then, amirite?


Friday's loss

Here's a taste of Ryan's recap:

The Astros gasping, reached the end of the tunnel. They are now safe from the boulder, only to find a familiar unwelcome face standing over them. It was Donaldson and a mob of green and gold wildmen. "Astros, you choose the wrong friends. This time it will cost you", said Donaldson.

You know you want to click through to see the rest.

Bobbling to victory

Jason Castro's bobble head graded out at a solid 70 on Ryan's scouting scale. It led the Astros to a 7-6 victory over Oakland on Saturday that snapped a three-game skid. It also led to an awesome GIF.


McHugh the Great and Powerful

Yep, he was awesome. The young starter has stepped in and flourished. He also probably won a semi-permanent spot in the rotation, even after Scott Feldman returns.