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Astros 5, Athletics 1: McHugh, the Great and Powerful

Luhnow's great offseason move paid off again, as Collin McHugh struck out six and nearly threw a complete-game shutout.

Bob Levey

What the eff is going on with Collin McHugh?

Is the barbeque that good in Oklahoma City? Did he visit a crossroads at midnight while he was up there? More importantly, when is his guest spot on TCB happening to explain all this?

Whatever happened, McHugh has been amazing in two starts for the Astros. On Sunday, he allowed just one hit in eight innings and went into the ninth with a chance at a complete-game shutout. Brandon Moss ruined the part with a hit and then the A's scored a run with two outs to ruin the shutout.

Still, McHugh was the story. He now has 18 strikeouts in his first 15 1/3 innings with the Astros and has given up just one run in that span. With an off-day Monday and Scott Feldman expected to return next weekend, it's not clear whether McHugh will keep his rotation spot.

Check that. With two great starts, there's no way McHugh doesn't keep his rotation spot. That means someone else will lose their spot and we'll look at that Monday.

The offense didn't need to do much, but an RBI single by a heating-up Dexter Fowler put Houston up 1-0 early and a home run by Jose Altuve with a triple by Jonathan Villar provided the rest of the offensive punch in the bottom of the seventh.

Villar also had a double and raised his batting average up to .234. Combine that with his sterling defense and he's made himself a pretty integral part of the everyday lineup.

With a split in the Nationals series on Tuesday, Houston could win 10 games this month and make it to 10-18 for the month.