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Astros GIF: The rally bobblehead is born

Astros string together four hits in the eighth to put away the A's - is it an offense waking up or the power of the rally bobblehead?

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Fans filed in today's game with Jason Castro All-Star bobbleheads in hand, hoping to not seen another disaster at the hands of the Athletics.

The game was tied heading into the eighth inning. Before the Astros batted, backup catcher Carlos Corporan grabbed CSN Houston reporter Julia Morales' bobblehead. Once the bobblehead was in the dugout, the Astros offense caught fire. Marwin Gonzalez, Jose Altuve, Dexter Fowler, and Jason Castro strung together four singles to take a 5-3 lead. George Springer and Marc Krauss each grounded into fielder's choice, scoring the Astros sixth and seventh runs.

Clearly, this was the work of the bobblehead - right? Baseball's token ralley items are more powerful than you can possibly imagine. Of course a painted plaster mold with a spring for a neck made all the difference in the world. Maybe Julia Morales just has the magic touch. Either way, Corporan believes -


Do the Astros have their own version of the rally monkey, squirrel, and/or towel with the Castro bobblehead? Do 10,000 Astros fans now have the key to the Astros offense? No, but it's fun to laugh at Corps' reaction.