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Athletics 12, Astros 5: Astros can't survive the inning of doom

The Astros can't have nice things. A's roll in the 9th.

Scott Halleran

The Astros walked through the concrete jungle, they had braved wild tribesman, poisonous death traps, and double-crossing guides. They had reached the final test, one more inning. They could taste victory, having  already come back once in the game. The Astros turned to head out to face the final inning, victory so close at hand. Suddenly, a giant yellow and green bolder came tumbling down. The Astros ran for their lives dropped a run here and there - until there were seven runs on the board.


The Astros gasping, reached the end of the tunnel. They are now safe from the boulder, only to find a familiar unwelcome face standing over them. It was Donaldson and a mob of green and gold wildmen. "Astros, you choose the wrong friends. This time it will cost you", said Donaldson.

The wildmen drive the Astros running into the concrete jungle.


Game Notes

  • Brad Peacock issued a career-high six walk for one game, but worked around five hits to allow only three earned runs over five innings.
  • The Astros have committed eight errors in their last two games after coming to the series leading the majors in fielding percentage.
  • Jonathan Villar, Jose Altuve, Dexter Fowler, and Chris Carter each had a double in the game.
  • The Astros left 20 runners on base in today's game.
  • Josh Fields failed to record an out in the 9th, and was responsible for five runs on four hits. His second straight loss in as many appearances.
  • Anthony Bass put the icing on the cake allowing a two-run home run to Josh Donaldson in the 9th.
  • Recent Callups Raul Valdes and Jose Cisnero pitched 2.2 scoreless innings.
The Astros square off once again with the Athletics tomorrow at 6:10 PM cst, Dallas Keuchel (2-1) faces Dan Straily (1-1).