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Mariners 5, Astros 3: It's a walk-off and not the good kind

Kyle Seager ruins the three-game sweep fun and snaps a long Mariners losing streak

Otto Greule Jr


Sure, you say you're going to take care of it. You're not going to play baseball in the house. Then, your mom's vase gets totally ruined.

Do you see why I was so reluctant to praise Josh Fields as a Pitcher of the Week? Relievers are volatile. I take back every nice thing I've said about Fields. Even the ones he didn't disprove today.


Kyle Seager had to go and ruin it all. He ruined the year's second TROOOGDOOOOOR. He ruined Jason Castro's nice two-run double. He ruined a good start by Jarred Cosart, even if Cosart kinda ruined that one himself.

He ruined the sweep. The sweep Houston was two outs away from netting against the sad-sack Mariners. He ruined the Astros one chance to feel superior to another team in the AL West.

He ruined everything.

The 2014 bullpen hasn't been as bad as last season, but it's not instantly better. Albers has been a big improvement, but Qualls has been shaky. Bass has been great, but Jesse Crain isn't even throwing yet. Things are still in flux.

Maybe this one is on Bo Porter for running out Fields on a third straight day. Maybe it was inevitable with the heart of the Mariners order up in the ninth inning.

Whatever it was, it sucks. I'm assuming the A's win a minimum of three games this weekend, so this game was Houston's chance to end the week on a high note. Now, they're staring down the maw of a five-game losing streak heading into the Washington series.

Why can't Astros fans have nice things?