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Villar Flashes the Leather Against the Rangers

Jonathan Villar robbed Alex Rios deep in the hole to keep game close.


The Astros took the lead in the top 10th inning after a Jason Castro triple and a sac-fly. The Rangers quickly threatened in the bottom of the inning as Elvis Andrus singled and stole second shortly after that. Alex Rios was at the plate when magic happened.

Rios hit a sharp grounder far to Jonathan Villar's right, the Astros shortstop fully extended to stab the ball and fired to first to get Rios. Mid-dive, Villar adjusted his glove height for the big hop and reaching behind him to snag the ball. A web gem for sure. My words don't do it justice, lets take a look at Tim's gif -


What about our audio lovers? Here is the Astros broadcast teams' call of the play.

Mike Fast tweeted out a picture that gives the proper scope of how far Villar ranged to his right to get the ball and how far that throw was.

Hats off Mr. Villar, now keep it up.