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Bo Porter is a hugger

What does seven innings pitched of shutout ball get you? A Bo Porter bear hug.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

What does allowing zero runs, two hits and four walks while striking out three in seven innings get you?

A (potentially uncomfortable) hug from Bo Porter, and that's exactly what Scott Feldman got Friday night.


That hug must be a nice bonus on top of being paid $12 million dollars this year.The warm firm hands of Bo Porter wrapped appreciatively around you. I wonder what Porter was saying to Feldman.

"OMG! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! FOR SIGNING WITH US!" In hushed whispers so none of the other pitchers could hear.

The unsexy signing by the Astros this past offseason has been very sexy so far indeed. In three games with the Astros he's allowed one earned run in 20 and two thirds innings. That is a 0.44 ERA, people! He has collected two of the Astros wins on the season. While he wasn't in-line for the win Friday night he gave the Astros a chance against the very tough Yu Darvish.

Enjoy the hug Scott Feldman you've earned.