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TCB Daily Boil: Things not to do in April

Angels outfielder Josh Hamilton will be sidelined 6-8 weeks after tearing a ligament in his thumb due to sliding head first into the first base bag. Gotta love the hustle, but not in April.

Josh Hamilton has already got a solid amount of mashing in this season against the Houston Astros. He absolutely raked in the Angels four-game set in Houston: 9-for-18, a double, two home runs and six RBI.

Unfortunately for Astros fans, Hamilton didn't make the bonehead mistake of the 2014 season so far, until the day after he left Houston. In the seventh inning of Tuesday's game against Seattle, Hamilton thought he could beat out his soft grounder to short by sliding headfirst into the first base bag.

He didn't make it.

But that was nothing in comparison to the result that the play had on the slugging outfielder's body. Check it out here:

Yup, that's the good ol' ulner collateral ligament tearing as his left thumb jams into the bag. the sad (or funny, depending on how you view it) is Hamilton smiling like a mischievous child as he jogs off the field because he knows he just did something quite dumb.

Although, the Angels have said that surgery is not a certainty, initial reports had Hamilton out for six to eight weeks. Or basically, at least 40 games.

Players that hustle are awesome, and should be appreciated, but there is a time and place for it. Like in September, when you're fighting for a Wild Card spot, or even when it could possibly be the final play of the game. But not in the seventh inning of a game your team is leading by a run in.

And I haven't even addressed the fact that many people believe it's faster just to run through the bag at first. (If anyone has some good evidence/research on which is better, leave it in the comments.)

But, hey, why should I care? I'm an Astros fan! Sometimes stupidity among grown men just frustrates me.