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A look at the new digs around Minute Maid Park

The majority of the food fenders have been given a facelift, ut with the train theme and in with more baseball.

The majority of the food stands in Minute Maid Park have stayed the same over it's previous 13 seasons. "Union Stations Favorites" was the go-to place to get your standbys, a hot dog and a soda. One of other long time stand that comes to mind is "All Aboard", a stand that specialized in whatever the visiting team's signature food was. I looked forward to the games when the Brewers came to town so I could have a brat. But, the times they are a changin' - time to make new favorites.

I would recommend giving a read to the Houston Chronicle and Houston Business journal's food preview. This is more just a visual rundown of the changes around the park. The new main stand is now "Home & Away: Stadium Classics", it's still straight forward - hotdogs, popcorn, pretzels, and soda. The main difference is a change that Reid Ryan talked about during Fan Fest, instead of having a registrar adjacent to the food stand, it inside of it now. Ryan referenced to it as "belly-up". "Casa Nacho" represents the mexican food option, Sheriff Blaylock has retired. With the name "The H-Town Grille", I feel like they missed a chance to have a local music legend involved like Bun-B.

Street Eats and Texas Smoke seem like legitimate places that will break me of my traditionalist hot dog ways. It's only appropriate that Nolan Ryan Beef has it's own stand at the Juice Box now.

The excess space in the new Majestic team store is much appreciated. The addition of the Astrodome seats are a nice touch as well.

The much talked about Community Leaders signs are back and in a much less obstructive place. They are still a bit large, but it's a thousand times better than the former configuration. The Darryl Kile "DK" home had been below the 1997 pennant, it hadn't moved after after the pennants had. The "DK" has a new home next to the Phillips 66 pump. Finally, the pennants' new home is on the light tower, which strangely feels like the perfect place for them.

I hope everyone gets a chance to see the new parts of the stadium soon, if you're going to Opening Day I'll see you there.