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Friday's Daily Boil: Carlos Correa Hitting Baseballs and's Spring Training Report

A couple of magical swings from Carlos Correa and an in-depth look at Astros camp from the scouting folks


You've heard the expression from scouts, coaches and announcers a million times: "The ball just sounds different off of [insert player here]'s bat." It's about as cliche' as you can get when describing the hitting skills of a player, but in Carlos Correa's case I think we can make an exception. Case in point, from Fangraphs via the Instagram of the Chronicle's Evan Drellich.

That Correa double reminded me of a Correa swing I could watch over and over again. I ran across this last year while perusing scouting videos on Youtube.

The one part of Correa's game that hasn't really developed, at least in his first full-season of pro ball, is his power. Correa has legit gap power that could translate into 40 doubles a year once he hits the majors (heck, I think he could hit 20 in a full MLB season at age 19). Though home run power isn't a big part of his offensive game yet, Correa's current ability to obliterate baseballs (wherever they end up) has me feeling pretty optimistic that his power will show up as he continues to develop physically.

Speaking of Correa, he showed up at the top of yet another Astros prospect list, this one from's Jonathan Mayo. Mayo dropped a lot of information from the start of Astros camp, with the prospect list, some interviews with George Springer and Luhnow, and a traditional scouting look at some of the younger guys from's resident scout Bernie Pleskoff (who is also one of my favorite Twitter follows). Pleskoff's report contained a positive note on Delino Deshields' transition to the outfield.

Japhet Amador also received a mention in Pleskoff's article. Though it was brief and only referenced his statistics in the Arizona Fall League, I would be interested to hear a more in-depth report about Amador's offensive ability.

If you take away nothing else from's Astros spring training report, here's a dreamy quote from Pleskoff about Correa.

Correa has natural, fluid motions and outstanding range at shortstop. He flows to the ball and makes every play look like he was floating on air.